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Blazing A Trail In Pest Control

Blazing A Trail In Pest ControlAlmost every pest control business has a website — but I challenge you to find one that gives you advice on how to solve pest problems (and I don't just mean sell products and tell you how to use them).
I started working in the pest control industry as WaspKill UK, almost ten years ago. Working for myself from day one meant I wasn’t subject to the hidden rules of the industry or the industry way of doing things.
I came from a medical and teaching background, and this meant I handled pest problems differently to other professionals.

I always had a desire to solve pest problems and not just treat them. In essence, I wanted to find a cure, a solution.
All too often I would come across a customer who had been through two or three pest control companies to address a problem, and they were so distrusting of me after adverse experiences with others that it was upsetting.

Even now the temptation to just walk away from some customers is powerful.
I wanted to go h…