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Top 10 Places Fleas Come From

Top 10 Places To Look For FleasThe Ten Most Common Causes of Fleas Your PetsYour Friends PetsThe Previous Owner/Tenants PetsYour Neighbors PetsYour Colleagues PetsYour FamilyYour WorkplaceYour GardenYour ShoppingYour Car/Caravan
1. Your Pets Unsurprisingly our pets are easily the most common source of fleas in our lives, period.
Our cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and other warm-blooded animals are a natural food resource to fleas and other parasites found widely in the environment. 

Making fleas an unavoidable fact of life that everyone will eventually come into contact with.
You might not even be aware of fleas because not everyone reacts to the bites. 

For those that do react, life can be miserable, but there is hope, but it's never cheap and always time-consuming to do correctly.
Most of the flea control products you can buy over the counter to treat fleas are festooned with promises that for the most part are complete trash.
Many products are not even insecticides, they are a concoction…