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Masonry Bees

Masonry Bees - Not WaspsMasonry Bees - Are They Dangerous?Masonry Bees are reportedly responsible for many stings in Bristol and Bath each year, and we hear from our customers how these bees have stung them.

Yes, it is true that stings from solitary bees are rare, but they do happen.

Casualties stung, reported that the stings were not left embedded in the skin like those of Honey Bees or that severe reactions to those bee stings had occurred.

It's because they sometimes nest close to the ground, in air-bricks and door frames that make them such a concern to property owners and parents of young children.

What Damage Do Masonry Bees Cause?Masonry bees enter our homes through air-bricks, window vents, window frames, extractor vents, poor rendering and crumbling mortar between bricks and stone. You will also see them buzzing into the gaps between tiles.

Once embedded in a property they can create robust tunnel systems or galleries in the fabric of the building, into which they lay eggs and…