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Removing Honey Bees From a Chimney

Sometimes you just have to get up there with them! Honey Beesare often difficult to access and require specialist access.

When trying to eliminate honey bees from your chimney, it can be as simple as lighting a fire beneath them or asking a professional pest controller to remove them.

The best option is always to ask a beekeeper to remove them and to make sure they don't just destroy them. Sadly we have encountered a growing number of beekeepers who eliminated honey bees they claimed to have saved for our customers!

How Do We Get To The Bees?
The problem you will quickly encounter is how to get to them. If you live in a brick or stone built property, removal can be complicated, especially at height. It's easy to dislodge chimney pots and other structures while trying to remove bees.

Chimney pots can fall straight through a roof and even kill people below, so before you do anything get professional advice, on the options available to you, and…