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What The Wasps Are Doing To Your Ceiling

Wasp DamageUncovering the uncomfortable and expensive truth!Using some clever photography and imaging, we have been able to show you what lies beneath the surface of your walls and ceilings when wasps are building a nest.

It's very common to have a tiny amount of staining on the ceiling or wall that a wasp nest is resting against. Wasps gradually munch their way through, until they swarm into the room and onto the unsuspecting or sleeping occupants.

This first image clearly shows the staining:Now let's see what lies beneath the surface using some intelligent technology.
The second image:
Revealed for your eyes only, the evidence that there is a layer of paint between you and the wasps - thousands of them!!! So the next time you get a small stain on your ceiling, don't be tempted to press it with your finger.

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Wasp Nest Beetle - Metoecus paradoxus

The Wasp Nest Beetle - (Metoecus paradoxus)

This secretive British wasp parasite is often confused with flies and even moths. It's a very strange insect to look at, and its life cycle means you are very unlikely to get close enough to this parasites favourite hangouts for fear of being stung!
The specimen shown in the images here came from the nest of the common wasp (Vespula vulgaris). The nest was located in the crawl space of a converted loft and was resting on the window sill of an adjacent window.
We discover all sorts of strange insects while carrying out our Bristol pest controlservices, especially in the warmer months of the year when insects are abundant.
Wasps might seem like the worst possible insect to upset, but it would appear that this parasite hitches a ride to the nest on the back of the adult wasps as a larva!

WaspKill UK Pest Control with Simon Berenyi