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Rats Problems Under Your Shed?

Why Are Rats Under Your Shed?
Rats are among the most noticeable rodents in our gardens, not least because they are among the largest.

Our Bristol rat control service is regularly called upon to investigate rat problems in people's gardens which are usually a result of a few common factors.

5 Common Reasons Your Garden Shed Has RatsFeeding birds with loose or mixed feed - Bird feeders are commonly associated with rats because so much feed gets spilt onto the floor. This can be reduced simply by ensuring that each feeder contains only one kind of seed. When using the mixed seed in bird feeders, birds will peck out the seed they don't like, depositing it on the floor and eat only those seeds it prefers.Animal feed available from pets like rabbits and chickens - The smell of food in feeding bowls provides great encouragement to foraging rats and mice. It's also very common for enclosures to be built using chicken wire that is large enough to allow mice and juvenile rats to pass…