Why Do Rat Holes Suddenly Appear?

Simple reasons for rat burrows around your home.

We see this two or three times a month. The usual story is that: 
"The hole (usually only one) suddenly appeared one day and at first we simply backfilled it, but it continued to re-appear and continued to get bigger. 
At first we thought it was a mouse, but now we think it is a rat. How much does it cost to put down poison and get rid of the problem?"
This is a licence to print money! So most customers think that the rats are the problem and that poison will solve it. Sadly the solution and reasons for your rat activity are often more costly and complicated than you think.

Why Do These Rat Burrows Appear?

  • The main sewer has collapsed
  • The main soil pipe into the house has broken
  • The rest bend at the base of the soil stack has failed
  • The inspection chamber wall has been breached
  • The benching in the inspection chamber has been damaged
  • The drains have been poorly installed
  • Your neighbour has rats, and they have burrowed under your floor
  • Your neighbour's rats have burrowed through your wall
  • and this list goes on and on!
Notice that the image above shows no excavation around the top of the hole, demonstrating that the rats have dug up from below. So where did the soil go? It gets displaced back into the drains where it is flushed through and away.

Should I Fill Rat Holes?

The danger with filling holes like this, especially with loose cement or concrete is that you can easily block damaged pipes below and that means big repair bills that you will not be insured for!

What Can You Do About Rat Burrows?

rat burrow under house floor
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The first step is to get the hole inspected. Check your buildings insurance for drain cover and monitor the hole to see if it gets larger or more holes start appearing around it.

Filling the hole with tissue paper or leaves is a good way to test if things are actively going in and out without risking blocking a drain below.

How Can Our Bristol Pest Control Service Help You?

We regularly get called to customers who would like the issue inspected. We are equipped with drain CCTV cameras and can help you approach your insurance with accurate information regarding the problem.

If you are not covered for repair through your insurance, we can put you in touch with drain specialists with experience in rodent matters and finally we can help eliminate any rodents left behind, following remediation.

For more information, why not book an inspection? Call 07427 626686.

The Bristol Rat Company with WaspKill UK Pest Control in Bristol.
Written by pest specialist Simon Berenyi.