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Can Pests Really Cause Divorce

Can Pests Cause Divorce?

Can Pests Really Cause A Breakup?

bedbugs cause  divorce
A bedbug in Bristol.

We talk to hundreds of customers every year who are struggling with the consequences of pest activity, but something more sinister has been going on that we wanted to share with you. Pests place a huge burden on relationships, and that’s commonly overlooked.

We've spoken to people at the very end of the line – when even a divorce is an option.

Pests of every kind, from insects to rodents to birds, cause significant disruption. For the most part, people accept that pests are just a fact of life, and where possible they can be ignored.

Rifts between partners begin for many reasons, these are common reasons we are given:

1. Phobias: phobias are joked about and not taken seriously

2. Blame: no one will accept responsibility for creating the problems
3. Action: no one will take control of solving the problems
4. Cost: this is the killer – who pays? – who goes without? the kids? the pets?
5. DIY: one person decides they don’t need professional help and the problem gets worse/costs more to solve.
6. The final straw: – the kids, pets or the partner begin to suffer from bites, infections then permanent scars or expensive vet bills.

The Emotions felt and the disruption caused can be listed as:

> Lack of sleep – caused by worry or the sound of gnawing and scampering, etc.

> Isolation – loneliness – no one is taking the problem seriously or appreciating how they feel.
> Appetite disruption – fear of eating anything contaminated.
> Feeling ashamed – afraid neighbours and peers will think less of them or ridicule them.
> Feeling a failure – bites make people feel like a bad or incompetent parent, husband, wife, etc.

When you begin to listen carefully to real people about the mental and emotional trauma that pests of every kind can inflict, you can understand why pest control can prove to be such an emotional subject.

The thoughts I have shared here only scratch the surface of this topic, but offer a valuable insight into the damaging influences pests can expose to our most precious relationships. The most distressing pests to be infested by are rats, mice, fleas, bed bugs and flies.

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