Tree bumble Bees In A Wall

Tree Bumble Bees

Tree Bumble Bees in a wall

Tree Bumble Bees Near a Front Door
Tree bumblebees (Bombus hypnorum) are increasingly being viewed as an invasive pest, and that's why control should always be carried out to protect vulnerable individuals from being stung.

We have had six people attacked by these bees so far this year - but why?

The answer is simple - they were all construction workers. Tree bumblebees create some huge nests that are both impressive and aggressive if agitated.

They are not difficult to agitate, and the colonies can contain over a thousand bees. 

Although the temperament of these bees can vary from one nest to another, disturbing a nest this size is bad news when you are up on scaffolding, with nowhere to run.

The bees pictured above were in a wall cavity, making removal impossible, and because they were next to the front door, our customer's options were limited.

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