Insects in Disguise

Insects in Disguise

Wasps = Pain, and these insects know it!

The Wasp Beetle
Yellow Legged Clearwing
Insects are the masters of disguise, and we see some excellent examples of these.

The beetle and moth pictured above, offer us a great example of how insects use the frightening reputation of a wasp to keep themselves safe from predators.

This is an excellent example of hiding in plain sight. 

we get called to all manner of similar insects, where people think they are in danger and they turn out to be completely safe.

Moths, beetles, flies and many other insects and animals take on the appearance of other more unsavoury creatures to avoid predation, and this is a result of millions of years of evolution.

So before you next reach for the fly spray or rolled up news paper, a closer look might just surprise you.

Nature will always bring surprises and exceptions to the rule, so it pays to get expert help and advice before reaching for the pesticides. You might just be destroying a rare and beautiful insect that is completely harmless and on closer inspection, quite remarkable.

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