Honey Bees Drink

The Honey Bee Swarm That Never Was?

When the bees decide to drink - they all want some!

honey bees drinking
Honey Bees drinking From A Wall
We are regularly called to properties suffering the amazing, yet terrifying consequences of a honey bee swarm settling in a garden or a chimney, but this was different.

Honey bees are social, and with a fantastic communication system, they are able to quickly tell other members of their colony exactly where the best resources are.

We were called to this house after it was reported that bees or wasps were swarming in the back garden around a hole in a wall.

It's not unusual to have bees enter the walls of a house, but a low-level wall was slightly more unusual.

On arrival, there were indeed hundreds of bees flying around and congregating the wall, but on closer inspection their behaviour was not that of angry bees because they were all flying away in the same direction, meaning this was coordinated.

As the image above clearly shows, the bees were quite literally cutting up to access the water dripping from, and through the wall.

Once this was explained and a plan of action drawn up, the customer was far more at ease.

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