Digger Wasps

Digger Wasps

Digger Wasps are small but deadly!

digger wasps
Digger Wasps - amazing hunters
Every year our Bristol wasp control skills are called into action for wasps that turn out to be just a little bit different.

The customer who's garden these wasps were in, thought they were paper or social wasps, when in fact they are solitary hunting wasps, called digger wasps.

Digger wasps use their sting to paralyse prey like flies and bees, which it then carries back to the nest. Because these insects are only paralysed and not killed, they will remain fresh, before being eaten alive by the wasp larvae.

In the image above you can clearly see the amount of timber that has been excavated from the garden railway sleepers, and the large fly being carried back into the burrow.

Digger wasps are also commonly seen in burrows between slabs and bricks in paths and driveways.

These wasps don't pose a threat to us, and we have no records of them stinging people, but because they are equipped with a sting, they definitely deserve our respect.

if you have these wasps in your home, remember they can become a threat to your homes integrity only where they exist in large numbers.

If you have any concerns, call for professional help immediately.

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