Why Do Wasps Chase You?

Why Do Wasps Chase You?

Wasps chase you - only if they can see you!

why wasps chase you
The Closer You Get - The More Clearly They See You!

Most people have a healthy respect for wasps, and this is no surprise.

Growing up we can all remember being buzzed, chased and even stung by these distinctive little insects, but why do they chase us?

Wasps: Specialised Vision

Wasps have compound eyes, and compound eyes are designed with one particular quality - they are hypersensitive to movement.

The human eye has a superb resolution, compared to most insects and we can see clearly at all ranges. Wasps can only see clearly for a few feet but can identify general movement at greater distances.

So the closer you get to these insects, the more of a visible threat you become.

Why Wasps Attack You

Most people when they see a wasp, start waving arms around, and this directly increases their movement signature, which is a huge threat to the wasp, so naturally, it goes on the defence.

Once agitated, the wasp will do what it can to escape or subdue the threat, and that comes with a sting in the tail.

The wasp will give chase, and you will create even more movement to evade the wasp - and you get the picture.

Avoid Being Stung By Wasps

So what's the answer? You need to stay as still as possible. Very often people are not actually stung when they think they are.

The sting protrudes slightly from the abdomen, meaning that it can sometimes prick the skin, making us feel like we have been stung when in fact, we have not because no venom has been injected.

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