Causes Of Silverfish In Your Flat

Top 3 Causes of Silverfish

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Silverfish in small numbers are harmless
We see lots of silverfish problems in Bristol and most are simple to solve, yet some are far more challenging. But why?

There are some reasons that we commonly encounter and would like to share these with you.

Causes of silverfish include:

Multiple-occupancy premises

Blocks of property like flats, terraces and offices, often have people and businesses that encourage and tolerate Silverfish far more than others adjoining them. Being so small makes it easy for silverfish populations to propagate through the fabric of the building and into areas without an apparent source.


These commonly get used by pigeons and gulls that defecate heavily. These faecal deposits then get into seams in the brickwork and around the door frames leading onto the balconies. This acts as a healthy food resource for the developing silverfish.


Any residues need to be cleared away to ensure that no potential nutrition is available.

Upright vacuums and steam cleaning devices have never been cheaper - invest in these to help keep your home free from food residues and deposits.

The Solutions

  1. Keep things spotless
  2. Clean food residues immediately
  3. Invest in a steam cleaning device
  4. Invest in an upright vacuum with a rotary brush
  5. Seal any cracks and crevices with silicone sealant
  6. If infested get them treated professionally
  7. Keep up the good work - stay spotless and gap-free
  8. Monitor - you can get sticky monitoring pads for under £10
  9. Let adjoining properties know by printing off this advice
  10. Don't be afraid to call and ask us for help and advice