Severe Bed Bug Bites

Severe Bed Bug Bites

Bitten By Bed Bugs? - What You Need To Do Next.

Bristol bed bug control bites

Bed Bugs are among the very worst insect pests we encounter and are incredibly easy to spread.

Many domestic infestations begin quite innocently when the occupants are travelling away just for a night, only to discover a month or two later that they have become infested.

Bed bugs feed by puncturing your skin and causing trauma to the tiny blood vessels in your skin called capillaries.

These provide the bedbug with all the blood it needs to mature and breed.

Some bites will bleed after you've been bitten, so blood stains on your bedding and night clothes are standard.

The bed bugs bites can also cause some unpredictable reactions.

Everyone will react slightly differently, but most will cause severe itching, red marks and scarring that can last for days and even years.

Common areas that get bitten include the areas exposed during sleep. Your ankles, feet, lower arms, hands, neck and face are the most common sites of bed bug bites.

We had a customer a few years ago that was bitten 11 times on her face in one night!

With any insect bite, it is imperative that you get to your GP as quickly as possible.

They may offer steroids, antihistamines or other products to help reduce inflammation, control itching and provide other advice that can help you.

5 Ways Defeat Bed Bugs Quickly.

1. Replace hollow, metal framed beds with wooden ones. Metal bed frames offer almost indestructible hiding places for bed bugs to escape the harshest effects of most chemicals.


Hollow - fabric covered, wooden framed bed bases are cheap and a leading cause of bed bug infestation. They should be removed from the property ASAP.

2. Vacuum intensively, especially around the edges of the rooms and in and around sofas, beds and bedroom furniture.

3. Buy a steam generator, and use heat to destroy bedbugs, and bed bug eggs. Tumble drying all textile items for a few minutes in a commercial dryer will also provide a high level of elimination

4. Surveillance. Check the bed and around the bed every morning and be sure to kill any bed bugs found. If you don't like the idea of squashing them, then you can use sticky tape to trap them.

5. Don't waste your money on shop bought products. The professional products we use are very safe and far stronger than what you can buy yourself.

Once you have had a professional treatment, it is entirely reasonable to consider using shop bought cures, but professional control should come first, to gain complete elimination or more simply, the upper hand.

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