Where Did Your Flies Come From?

Where Did Those Flies Come From?

Identify the reasons for your fly problems

Flies appear in our homes for a variety of reasons, but these are three of the flies we see most often.

Metallic Flies?

bristol fly control
Green Bottles like this fly are called Blow Flies

Metallic Flies are usually what we call blow flies, and you might know them as Blue bottles and Green Bottles. These are mostly associated with dead animals. 

Rats, mice, squirrels and birds can all perish in the cavities of our homes. Once the body of the animal begins to decay it starts to produce gas and odour that quickly encourages the adult flies. Within as little as 7 days little is left of the carcass or the odour, and the larvae leave to pupate.

Within 14 days the adult flies emerge from metamorphosis to begin the cycle again. This is when we get reports of epic numbers of flies suddenly appearing in bedrooms etc.

In most cases, the fly problem will resolve itself within about five days, once they have all hatched.

House Flies In Autumn?

house fly control
Cluster flies are not house flies like this one!
House flies in your attic are normally cluster flies. These are a very common fly that appears in Autumn (late October - November).

As parasites of earth worms they are not a potent vector of disease so are considered more of a nuisance than a health risk. 

Sometimes you can have tens and even hundreds of thousands of these flies overwintering in a roof void or cavity.

In large numbers the faecal deposits can damage stored goods and create a sickly smell, meaning they need to be controlled. 

Small Black Flies?

bristol fly control
Small black flies are common in our homes.

Small Black flies can come from numerous places, but most commonly from - overflow pipes, sink overflows, drains, pot plants, liquid food deposits, under the rim and down the back of sink units.

On occasion, we have also seen them coming off nearby external vegetation through extractor vents. The important point with these kinds of flies is to find the source. They frequently come from sources that will remain unresolved until fixed or cleaned.

Most fly problems are simply to remedy by improving housekeeping. Some will require more fundamental repairs that can become expensive.

Most importantly of all, it is always worth a professional inspection so you can identify the best course of action.

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