Bristol Pest Control

Bristol Pest Control

Helping you SOLVE and not just TREAT pest problems.

I established WaspKill UK in 2007 and The Bristol Rat Company in 2008 to tackle pest control problems throughout Bristol and the surrounding towns of Bath, and North Somerset.

Our Bristol pest control service covers all pests including:

So no matter what pests you have, we can help guide you to a solution that will solve.

Pest control is a vast subject, spanning many different professions from roofing to hunting to plumbing to cleaning their is always variety and always something new.

Bristol has a diverse mix of cultures bringing in produce from many different sources around the world, meaning some of the pests we see are unusual, to say the least.

We have had the fortune of meeting and working with an exceptional network of tradesmen and subject experts that have allowed us to reach more people and help more people than I ever imagined.

Pest Control is what it says, Pest "Control". Control is not a cure, it is a treatment that may be required again. This has always disappointed me, so what I try to do is always look for the "Solve". When I visit a customer, my focus is always on solving their pest problem, so it never returns. 

If you have a pest problem why not give me a call so I can help you personally.

Warm Regards

Simon Berenyi