Bristol Drain Repairs

Drain Problems Causing 80% Of Rat Problems!

Solving 80% Of Rat Problems Forever!

If you are experiencing rat problems, the chances are that a drain fault is responsible. Do you have an extension?

Have you had any building work completed or moved into a new build home? If you live in a property that is semi-detached, link detached or terraced, then your neighbours could be to blame.

Rats are on the rise in cities like Bristol, and with all those rats comes the need for a common sense approach, that does away with the current trend of only bait, bait and more bait pest control.

In most cases, it can be relatively straightforward to investigate and identify common drain faults. Sometimes rats have been using the wall cavities, lofts, attics and underfloor voids for many years to breed.

We have heard many accounts from customers who have been trying bait and traps to control the rats for years, without lasting success, because they never focused on the source.

If You Can Find The Source, You Can Find The Solve - They Never Return. 

How Our Approach Differs To Others.

Our Bristol Pest Control Service always includes a visual check of inspection chambers where they are suspected of being in bad condition. Where accessible, we always try to check the drains of properties we inspect and have been startled to discover drain faults in over 80% of them.

Sadly it's often a new owner who realises they have rats. When we uncover flaws, almost all of them are a result of bad workmanship, and because it remains hidden, the fault is only ever looked at in detail once a major rat issue forces it to be investigated appropriately.

This legacy of shoddy workmanship eventually catches up with the person living there, when rats emerge from below ground via the sewer system. 

We wanted to help people reinstate faulty drains quickly and stop the rats in their tracks.

Using state of the art camera systems and many years of experience, we have been able to discover and solve drain problems that others were unable to identify or quickly resolve.

A Recent Drain Repair We Carried Out

This drain left a property heavily infested with rats. We implemented a rapid plan of inspection and repair to make sure this Bristol property owner never had them again.

faulty drain with rats
This Drain Had Two Rat Colonies In It - Left and Right
As you can see the drain is in a deplorable state. The pipe entering the bottom left of the image contained an active rat colony as did the void branch coming on the top right. It was among the worst we have seen.

drain repaired and rat free
The Drain Repaired and Rat Free

As you can see, the problem is now solved, and we have a delighted customer. If you have rats and would like our expert help, why not give us a call.

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