5 Places Rats Could Enter Your Home

5 Places Rats Can Enter Your Home

The Top Rat Entry Points In Pictures

Rats can enter our homes in a variety of ways, and we see them all! We have put together five of the most common entry routes rats choose to enter homes.

The Drains

rats from sewer
Expose and Examine Drains for Debris

Every week we have customers with rat problems stemming from sewer faults. Drain camera surveys are vital to assess any damage and must be carried out by people with knowledge and experience of rodent problems.

In over 80% of cases, the drain faults are a direct result of building work to the property, especially extensions. Drain faults caused by bad building practice are shockingly common.

Repairs done correctly will often solve your rodent problem once and for all.

Roofs and Guttering

rats in attics
Rats Are Common In Attics

Overhanging and climbing vegetation allows rats in your garden to get onto your roof and into your gutter, where they find a hole and make themselves at home. The best way to prevent rats doing this is installing gutter brush and comb strip.

Exterior Walls - Many walls contain vulnerabilities that include damaged air vents, poorly fitting door and window frames, holes from old pipework, shallow foundations and service points. 

Many of these faults are commonly covered by climbing plants, clutter and rubbish.

Doors And Cat Flaps

rats through wall
Holes in Walls Offer Easy Access Into Your Home

Occasionally we have customers with a single random rat that has survived being brought in by the cat or simply walked straight in through an open door.

When dealing with a single rodent, traps and glue boards can be a quick and easy way of catching them.

Fabric Of The Building

Rats in building fabric
Rats Regularly Eat Right Through Wooden Floors

Sometimes the rats are coming from the neighbours. In linked properties, the rats will travel along the roofs or under the floors and between cellars into adjoining properties. 

These can be very hard to treat because no-one wants to publicly admit to having a rat problem in case it devalues their home. 

As you can see, there are some significant ways that rats can get into your property and this is just the beginning. Remediation of damage can cost thousands, and you are often not insured.

Getting the right pest information and guidance quickly, will save you money and protect your property from further damage.

For further help and advice, our Bristol Rat Control service can help. 

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