5 Mouse Control Mistakes

Get Rid Of Mice More Quickly

Mice invade your property and cause a series of problems that can harm your health. In order that you eliminate them quickly, here are five things that will help you.

mouse control tips

  1. Bait is no use without good house keeping. You MUST ensure that bins are sealed, food is securely stored, and food residues are removed so that any bait is not competing with other non-bait food sources.
  2. Where are they coming from? Simply by filling and sealing holes in floors, walls and under doors, you will get far better results and even elimination, without the need for bait or traps, etc.
  3. Super Glue bait such as raisins or chocolate to traps. This is important as the very smallest mice can easily cherry pick bait from a trap without triggering it.
  4. Never use expanding foam. We see dozens of examples every year where mice and other rodents have simply eaten through expanding foam. Wire wool is much better and expanding foam can be used to anchor it.
  5. Mice can fit through gaps the size of your little finger so even the smallest holes can be entry points.
Never under estimate the places, mice can get to! 

Simon Berenyi at WaspKill UK and The Bristol Rat Company