How Long Can Bed Bugs Live?

How Long Do Bed Bugs Live?

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Bristol Bed Bug Control

The Bed Bugs Life Cycle

Bed bugs are not like other insects that you might be more familiar with. They do not have a larval stage or put more simply, they don't have larvae or pupae like butterflies, wasps and beetles.

Instead, bed bugs share more in common with cockroaches. Butterflies and moths go through FULL metamorphosis (egg, larvae, pupae and adult). Bed bugs, by contrast, go through a process called incomplete metamorphosis (egg, instar and adult).

The bedbug begins life as an egg before hatching as a miniature version of the adult. As the insects grow, it is necessary to moult and get rid of the old outer shell. This allows new skin to stretch over the bugs tiny body and accommodate its ongoing development until its final moult as an adult.

What Do Bed Bugs Need To Survive?

Bed bugs like all living creatures require components necessary for life that if, withdrawn will end in the eventual destruction of the bed bugs.

Water, food, the right temperature, concealment, protection from predators, pesticides and dehydration to name but a few. If you begin removing these components, you will quickly defeat the bed bug problem, even in the absence of pesticides.

What Do Bed Bugs Feed On?

Bed bugs feed on mammalian blood, and this does not alter. A blood meal and a mate are all they need and want.

How Long Can Bedbugs Live?

In laboratories, bed bugs can live for up to three years, but in residential environments, it's hard to quantify, but saying they live for 18months would not be far from accurate in most cases.

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Between Meals?

The Books and accounts of bedbug infestations seem to universally agree that twelve months is a reasonable lifespan for bed bugs.

This is important to focus on because it can help you begin to assess how long you've had the bed bugs or even reveal that the property had bedbugs before you moved in?

Customers who inherit bedbug problems can often be blamed for an issue that developed years before they moved in.

How Long Does A Bed Bug Infestation Take To Develop

Bed bug infestations take three to six months to develop, depending on how infested the source was when it entered the property. Occasionally the bed bugs can move from one flat to another or even through the walls of terraced properties and semi-detached homes.

If you would like more advice on bed bug problems, why not take a look at the main site for more detail and book an intensive inspection to evaluate the scale of your bed bug problem.

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